Orthodontic Practices

At Cole & Company, we understand that orthodontic practices hold a unique position in healthcare—transforming smiles and making a profound impact on patient confidence and well-being. Inspired by our core mission to IMPACT and unlock the GREATEST potential in the businesses we serve, we’re here to ensure your practice not only thrives in its current state but is also strategically positioned for growth and expansion. From managing the day-to-day financials of a single office to navigating the complexities of multiple locations, our team is your dedicated partner in success.

Our Services for Orthodontic Offices

Tailored Financial Strategies for Your Unique Needs

Tax Planning & Preparation: Navigate the ever-changing tax landscape with strategies designed specifically for orthodontic practices.

Bookkeeping & Financial Statements: Gain insights into your practice’s financial health with comprehensive bookkeeping and reporting.

Business Advisory Services: Leverage our expertise to support strategic planning, operational efficiency, and sustainable growth.

Cash Flow Management: Ensure your practice maintains a healthy financial flow, crucial for smooth operations and patient care.

Expansion and Management of Multiple Offices: Expert guidance in scaling your operation, from financial modeling for new locations to optimizing the performance across all sites.

Why Choose Cole & Company?

A Partner in Your Practice’s Expansion and Success

Opting for Cole & Company means more than securing a firm experienced in financial management—it means partnering with advisors who are as committed to the growth of your orthodontic practice as you are. We appreciate the complexities involved in expanding and managing multiple office locations and bring a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to support your goals. Our mission is to ensure your practice not only succeeds but also leaves a lasting, positive impact on every patient you serve.

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Prepare Your Orthodontic Practice for a Bright Future

The journey towards financial optimization and strategic expansion begins with the right partner. Get in touch with Cole & Company today to see how we can help your orthodontic office not just meet, but exceed, its growth ambitions. Whether you’re running a solo practice or managing multiple locations, we have the tools, knowledge, and dedication needed to support your journey.

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Let’s explore how we can work together to enhance the financial health of your practice, support your expansion plans, and manage the complexities of multiple offices with confidence. With Cole & Company, your orthodontic practice is set for success.