Physical Therapists

At Cole & Company, we see beyond the numbers. Inspired by our mission to IMPACT the lives of those we encounter, we aim to unlock the GREATEST potential within every physical therapy practice we serve. Understanding the challenges and opportunities you face daily, we offer more than accounting services—we offer a partnership designed to foster growth, stability, and success. As you focus on restoring the health and mobility of your patients, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring the financial health and agility of your practice.

Our Services for Physical Therapists

Specialized Financial Solutions Designed for Physical Therapy Practices

Tax Planning & Preparation: Tailored tax strategies that understand the intricacies of healthcare regulations and reimbursement models.

Bookkeeping & Financial Statements: Accurate and insightful financial tracking to keep your practice on solid ground.

Business Advisory Services: Expert guidance for practice expansion, equipment investment, and navigating the complexities of healthcare billing and insurance.

Cash Flow Management: Strategic cash flow planning to ensure your practice can smoothly operate and grow without financial hiccups.

Why Choose Cole & Company?

A Partner in Your Practice’s Success

Choosing Cole & Company means gaining an ally deeply invested in the physical therapy industry. Our approach combines empathy for the vital services you provide with a strategic understanding of the financial challenges unique to healthcare providers. We’re here to offer sound financial advice, practical strategies, and unwavering support aimed at elevating your practice to its highest potential. It’s about more than just managing finances; it’s about creating an environment where your practice can thrive and continue to make a meaningful impact on the lives of your patients.

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Let’s begin a conversation that could transform the future of your physical therapy practice. Contact Cole & Company today to discover how our specialized financial services can contribute to your success. We’re not just here to balance your books; we’re here to help you build a legacy of care and excellence.

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Contact us, and let’s take the first step together towards achieving a prosperous future for your physical therapy practice. With Cole & Company, you’re not just hiring a CPA firm; you’re partnering with a team that’s committed to your growth and success.